Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Birth of Christ

But, before all this Christmas stuffs, we should never forget why we have Christmas. It's because Jesus was born, and that's the main reasons why we have Christmas. The love he shares to us is never-ending.

We sometimes forget that the main reason of Christmas is Jesus and yet we celebrate with fun and not remembering Jesus.

We should also give our love to Jesus because he gave us everything we need and he still gives his best to give what we need.

LOVE is what we need and to do.

What We Usually Do In Christmas

What we usually do in the day of Christmas is sit on the floor and wait for Christmas to come.

Some countries, people wear sweaters because it's their time of winter. They drink hot drinks to heat themselves.

Then when the time finally comes, the crowd goes crazy, people open their lights from outside and the street goes full bright.

It's very exciting and fun. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Exchanging Presents

Most of the kids are excited to see their precious presents. They tear the beautifully wrapped gift and open the gift with most shock on their face. Decorating houses are very much exciting to do. Most of the people try the best their can to give the most deserving presents.

Then, when the Christmas come, the family sits on their tree and unwrap all the presents they receive from either family or relatives or friends.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Last Christmas, This Christmas

I would expect the Christmas today would be totally fun and enjoyable. Every kid again will expect Santa Claus to give them a wonderful gift this Christmas. Kids just don't like to stop, do they? Everyone expects presents from other people they extremely love. People exchange gifts and memorable things that are precious to them.

Will the kids already stop talking about Santa Claus and move on that Santa doesn't really exist. People tries to be Santa but some of the kids believe that they are Santa Claus but some do not. Kids want to have the best gift ever, collecting gifts with rare toys and video games.

Elves, North Pole, presents, beard, Rudolph are all indicating Santa Claus because of the Christmas, but kids don't know why Christmas is celebrated. Kids like Christmas because many gifts are taken but Jesus, as the main reason that the world has Christmas. Kids should also know the meaning of Christmas somehow.